Thanks for being apart of Residential One Real Estate! We want you to turn your connections in the industry into discounts for you! 

A recruitment is when a new Realtor signs up with Residential One Real Estate and gives reference to you. this will count as one (1) recruitment towards your name. 


The discounts: 


Option 1:

Original Plan: $50 Monthly Fee/$200 Deal Fee 

  • One (1) Recruitment's: $25 Monthly fee/$200 Deal Fee

  • Two (2) Recruitment's: $0 Monthly fee/$200 Deal Fee

  • Three (3) Recruitment's: $0 Monthly fee/$175 Deal Fee

  • Four (4) Recruitment's: $0 Monthly fee/$150 Deal Fee

  • Five (5) Recruitment's: $0 Monthly fee/$125 Deal Fee

  • Six (6) Recruitment's: $0 Monthly fee/$100 Deal Fee


Option 2:

Original Plan: $90 Monthly fee/$90 Deal Fee

  • One (1) Recruitment: $80 Monthly fee/$80 Deal Fee

  • Two (2) Recruitment's: $70 Monthly fee/$70 Deal Fee

  • Three (3) Recruitment's: $60 Monthly fee/$60 Deal Fee

  • Four (4) Recruitment's: $50 Monthly fee/$50 Deal Fee



If you have any questions or concerns with the Residential One Real Estate Recruitment Program, please contact us via the form below. 

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