Account Number:1028-194
Transit Number: 0526

*Please provide the Office with a copy of the check and the bank receipt. *

Darrol Cowley knew when he founded Residential One that he wanted to provide his Agents with first class services. When setting up the company trust account it was important to Darrol that each of his agents could deposit trust checks at any branch across Canada. The Bank of Montreal was open to the idea but, had never set up a system in this way before. Jumping through loops BMO and Residential One worked tirelessly to design a system where this would work. 

After a few weeks of back and forth and a brand new way of Business Banking was born and so was a historic partnership between Residential One and BMO Bank.

Today, anytime you you would like to deposit a trust check all you have to do is go to your closest BMO branch, provide the office with a copy of the check and a copy of the bank receipt.